Dr. LaTanya Bowman, Chiropractic Physician​

Doc Bowman

Dr. LaTanya Bowman, Chiropractic Physician

“A key to manifestation is that when the doors of opportunity open, you have to walk through them”

Discover The Best You

Dr. Latanya Bowman

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Dr. Bowman is a chiropractor, motivational speaker and radio host whose vision is to inspire people to be healthy, wealthy and happy. She started Discovery Chiropractic and Wellness Center in 2016. As her business grew, so did her passion to help others beyond her brick and mortar store.

She began sharing “life news” on various media platforms that centered around optimal health & well-being and how economic developments can affect your business and personal goals. She shares inspiring stories and action steps for living your best life.

Dr. Bowman has received numerous awards and recognitions for her professional and community service work. She is the proud recipient of the following awards: 40 Under 40 Alumni Award from North Carolina Central University, Distinguished Alumni Award from North Carolina Central University National Alumni Association, Trademark Women of Distinction Honors Edition, Top 25 Women in Business Award from Charlotte Business Journal, Walker’s Legacy Power15-Charlotte Award, Crowns of Enterprise Award-(Certified Small Business Enterprise of the year) from The City of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County and the Patient Care of The Year Award from Achi Magazine. Dr. Bowman was also invited to The White House to attend The Entrepreneurs and Innovation Summit, she was recognized by The White House as a game changer in the entrepreneurial field.

Dr. Bowman’s work continues outside the office by using her voice to amplify health topics and more. She has been featured on WCNC Charlotte Today’s Health segments and the 31 Days of Biz for 2018 for Charlotte Business Resources. Scholastically, she has written articles for The Charlotte Health & Wellness Magazine, and has led corporate health educational talks for various organizations, including Discovery Communications (parent company of Discovery Education, best known for its television networks Discovery Channel and Animal Planet). Presently, Dr. Bowman is an On-Air Radio Personality for WDRB media, “The Voice of the Community.” 

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As a gifted motivational speaker, Dr. Bowman is determined to share inspiring words and actionable steps that everyone can relate to and do in their own lives to create change. She has been highlighted in various publications and honored for her work, which spans over two decades.

Become a Visionary in Your Own Life

To become successful in life, you have to be able to dream, but you have to be able to do what it takes to make that dream become a reality, this is called “Manifestation”. Manifestation is extremely important for success, for you have to know how to ask the Universe for what you are wanting. and most importantly you have to be very clear about what you are asking for. You have to be willing to take chances, and step out on the edge and be comfortable with the unknown. That can be fearful at times, but that’s what visionaries do. Fear and Faith is both the same thing, depending on which side of the coin you are looking at. Fear can be negative, but if you flip the coin to the other side, Faith can be positive. It’s all depends how you are wanting to look at your situation.”


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What are your dreams, motivations and goals. Manifestation is a “theory” or an “abstract idea” until you make it a reality. To make something into a reality, takes action. Dr. Bowman’s ambition, is to help motivate and stimulate those action steps, for those who are willing to make those changes, in order to help bring out and “Discover The Best You.”

Doc Bowman

Dr. Bowman has broken numerous glass ceilings in her career working as a top African-American professional in a male-dominated industry. She understands the importance of spreading her wealth of knowledge onto the next generation. – Walker’s Legacy

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